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Agreement As Amended From Time To Time

If the supplier wishes to change the operating statement, it must inform the customer from time to time of any proposed changes in accordance with the customer`s Engineering Change (EC) procedure. The amended sentence can be used in a contract to change references to statutes and other contracts. It occurs in different language categories of the contract. For example, if you say in the same agreement that “Acme must comply with the Securities Act,” it would not be reasonable to interpret that in such a way that compliance with the Securities Act, as it was in force in 1933 or on the day of the agreement, would comply with that obligation, regardless of subsequent changes to that obligation. Again, you cannot respect a version of a law that no longer exists. As modified from time to time usually describes a contract, status or regulation, will be buried in a definition section, and does not really harm, but it will offend prose stylists who read randomly. [1] A flat coda that is self-evident and capable of as much embellishment as you have the mental capacity of the space to apply yourself to the task. For example, try to “edit, complete, update and/or expand from time to time.” Perhaps you could enter “orally or in writing” – and we use that verb on purpose. Without the suffix, the customer can only require this certificate once. The phrase allows the customer to apply for the certificate as many times as he wishes. A second use from time to time serves to clarify that the subject mentioned may change after the agreement comes into force: the examples lead to aspects that may influence the object that is changed from time to time by the expression, outside the immediate scope of the provision. The question of how and when the president will be appointed should be dealt with elsewhere; It is clear to whom it is referred.

While a change in the engineering change procedure may affect the possibility of amending the declaration of work (or even making such a change illusory), such an amendment is outside the scope of this provision of the amendment. Who knows? maybe some old hippie security ports from the 1960s that could apply to swaps. But then again, it`s not so likely – and it`s just as hard to blame U.S. lawmakers for not adopting swap safe harbors before the 1980s – because there were no swaps before 1981. But the basket, if the pedal with which you negotiate tries to smear your prose, is: “It goes without saying that it means” as changed from time to time.