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Bahrain Sofa Agreement

The presence of these security agents indicated that the prince`s visit would focus on deepening defence cooperation between the United States and Bahrain under the current government and culminated in a formal extension of the DCA during a meeting with Defense Minister James Mattis. The details of the pact date back to 1991, when the U.S. government rejected requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and secretly extended it in the past. It is suspected of including U.S. access conditions, training of Bahraini personnel, joint operations between the two countries and a Status of Armed Forces Agreement (SOFA) for U.S. troops, which subjects U.S. soldiers stationed in Bahrain to U.S. law. Like the $3.8 billion arms transfer, the U.S.

government does not appear to have linked human rights conditions or incentives for reform to the extension of the agreement, while the decision comes at a time when the Bahraini military is even more involved in human rights violations on national territory. The increased crackdown in Bahrain`s security and military sector is illustrated by this year`s constitutional amendment, which allows civilians to be brought to justice in military courts, and the discharge of the government from the kingdom`s secret police, the National Security Agency (NSA). As an American citizen, it may be difficult to find a job, but there are opportunities. Due to the status of forces agreements, work on the economy requires a work permit and U.S. personnel may lose their SOFA status if they do not comply with the SOFA agreement. As a result, most people rely on the U.S. government as an employer. The Status of the Armed Forces Agreement (“SOFA”) is an agreement between two countries that provides for the deployment of troops from one country to the territory of another country. Some of these agreements are long and involved, such as the SOFA between Panama and the United States, which was implemented in 1979. There was a large military presence in the former canal area and various military operations had to be covered.

Other agreements, such as the agreement between the United States and Bahrain, cover only a few pages. The victim`s name has been changed. The photo of the crime scene was posted by strangers on social media. Under the U.S. Constitution, an accused is entitled to the presumption of innocence. The author is, to his knowledge, the only civilian lawyer in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain to have negotiated a capital assassination case in the United States and to have experience in implementing agreements on the status of the armed forces. The views contained here are those of the author and not another person. Do you know a contact that should be included in this basic directory? To request a new contact, send us an email with full contact details. Good relations between countries are not used to hide crime. For justice to be effective, it must be public. If the United States wants to exercise its criminal jurisdiction over an accused, it must do so in a public and transparent manner.

Otherwise, justice will simply not be served and the impression that foreign forces can act without consequences will be reinforced. In Bahrain, the document is more difficult to find. SOFA is not available on the Internet. Here is a link to a copy:Status of Forces. Human rights are inseparable from America`s central interest in a safe and stable Bahrain, and President Trump is publicly abandoning these goals. In the absence of human rights issues raised in the high-level strategic dialogue, it is likely that the Bahraini authorities will continue to pursue their internal policy as with the help of the United States, if not directly with American weapons and equipment. If the president is unable or unwilling, Congress, in the interest of the stability and security of this important American ally, must express its concern about the human rights crisis in Bahrain, from the immediate possession of weapons to reforms.