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Conference Hosting Agreement

In addition, it is necessary to organize and organize the meetings of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFC and their subsidiary bodies, in accordance with United Nations guidelines (ST/AI/342). For all official Round Square conferences, the host school is invited to sign a hosting and conference management agreement with Round Square. This agreement establishes common standards for all conferences and events organized by the schools of the network under the name “Round Square” and should be signed by the Director and President of Round Square. In addition, within one month of the signing of this agreement and before the opening of registration for the conference, the school provides the association with a risk assessment and risk management plan (the first project will be continuously developed throughout the planning process), confidentiality statement of the conference. Governments interested in organizing future UNCCD conferences may send a formal letter to the Executive Secretary of the UNCCD. (Model letter of expression of interest) Within a month of signing the hosting agreement, we must also ask you to prove that you have done the following: at the end, you will be asked for a brief case study/report on the conference. The Secretariat intends to develop a manual for the organization of UNCAC meetings and conferences to provide detailed information on the organizational, managerial and logistical requirements of countries that might consider organizing meetings. The school shall ensure the highest standards of health, safety and child protection, which are reasonably expected with respect to a conference that includes the scheduled conduct of the conference and reasonably foreseeable contingencies regarding the conference. These standards are in line with the school`s obligations in this area in the affiliation agreement.

These standards must be at least the same as those applied by the school with regard to its own pupils with regard to extracurricular courses and lectures. A school must apply to Round Square to host the conference. This is a simple process that requires filling out a form that can be downloaded here: RS Conference Hosting Applicaton FormThe application form asks about the proposed topic, the number of delegates, the data and the age range, as well as a few paragraphs explaining the general initial approach and the framework programme of activities. The success of the conference requires a high degree of cooperation and professionalism in a multilateral environment on the part of all parties concerned: national Governments, international and non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies. The aim of the agreement is to formalize a common goal to ensure a conference experience that gives a strong sense of the host country and the school and that allows the leadership and creativity of the students while maintaining an adapted and balanced curriculum, in accordance with the philosophy, message and ideal of Round Square. It also deals with the appointment of the school as host and project manager, the intellectual property license of Round Square (e.g. B logo), mutual compensation, data protection, data protection and the obligations of the school. Within six months of the end of the conference, the school shall provide the association with a report on learning with regard to the management of the conference, which may be applied to future conferences of the association. . .