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Umd Dining Agreement

This optional menu gives you access to a buffet breakfast Monday through Friday at Gossett Team House, home of the Terrapin Football team. $1048 per semester, no university holidays. This year, if you live on campus in a traditional dorm, you have a housing plan. Residents` gastronomic plans are designed to meet your nutritional needs, seven days a week throughout the semester, while classes are at the meeting and during the final. You can check your dollar dining balance for the current semester online. If you have purchased Dining Dollars for an upcoming academic semester, you can check your purchase about two weeks before the start of classes. Once your meal plan is live, your balance will appear. Currently, we recommend Terrapin Express for dining in winter and summer. How do I register for the biometric entry into the dining room? Students admitted to university and who have accepted accommodation with Resident Life are automatically enrolled in a pre-Summer event called “Fall Welcome”. Access to the possibility of hospitality is a complement to the meal plan that gives access to restaurants during this orientation phase, before the opening of the semester.

Fall meal plans can be changed from the beginning of August to the second Friday of the teaching. The exact data are published in the daytime services calendar. Changes are made via online or in-person services in the Dining Plan Office of the South Campus Dining Hall. We need your name, the UMD ID number and the name of the diet you want. The quickest way to freeze an account is to go online and report your lost or stolen card. Replace your card by going to the Mitchell Building during business hours. After it`s triggered, call our menu desk to reactivate your meal account. All students who live in the traditional and suite style on the campus apartment must purchase a Seven Day Dining Resident Plan. Each plan offers food at all times, which means that students have unlimited access to the dining rooms during normal operating hours.

When can I change my diet? When can I buy a diet or dollar dining for the fall semester? As dollar dining is an optional upgrade to the Resident Management Plan, if the university closes prematurely due to a COVID19 relaunch, we will transfer unused dining dollars to the next semester.