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Wework Membership Agreements

WeWork`s membership network (your “member list”). Only those on the membership list are considered “members” and are entitled to receive the services described in this Agreement. To the extent permitted by law, all your members must present a valid government-issued ID card in order to issue a permit to the premises. If the capacity exceeds the number of members or others who regularly use your office for the duration (hereafter) of this Agreement, you will have to pay the additional fees listed on our website. Under no circumstances will the number of members exceed 1.5 times capacity, regardless of the additional fees paid; However, members affiliated with other active subscriptions offered by WeWork, such as membership. B we, the hot desk and/or separate dedicated desk members who use offices outside the Office area, will not be considered within this limit. We reserve the right to continue to limit the number of members authorized at any time. 9. Passwords and key cards. You and your All Access member imobsance accounts created in the WeWork member network (an “account” each) are specific to you and your All Access members.

Neither you nor your All Access members will disclose your password, pass on your access card or other access device to third parties, or allow anyone to use your account, even if that other person is linked to your business. Neither you, your All Access members, nor third parties on your behalf, can make copies of keys, key cards or other access to premises (an “All Access Device” each). If you think someone without your permission has used passwords or all access devices connected to your All Access subscription, please change those passwords immediately and contact us at You and your All Access members are responsible for all account-related actions, whether or not you have authorized such actions. All Access devices remain our property and must be returned by you and your All Access members immediately after the end or end of your All Access subscription. d. Subordination. This agreement is subject to our lease agreement and all additional documents as well as all other agreements to which our lease agreement is or is subject. However, the avant-garde does not imply subletting or a similar relationship involving an interest in real estate. 18. third-party products or services; Technology platforms, applications, portals.

Services do not include the provision of products or services by third parties that the member entity may acquire or use in connection with that membership (“third party services”), even if they appear on a WeWork invoice. Third-party services are provided exclusively by third parties (“third parties”) and under separate agreements between you and the third parties concerned. In addition, you and your members can access certain platforms, apps or portals as part of membership over the lifetime. To the extent that these platforms, applications or portals have their own terms of use, these conditions govern the use of the applicable system. For those who do not have terms of use, these platforms, applications or portals will be made available to you, as well as your members, “as before” and without guarantee or guarantee.