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Euromaster Agreement

11 April 2014ATS Euromaster helped reduce the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust`s (YAS) tire expenditure by about 20%, just eight months after its appointment to the Trust`s fleet. The three-year contract, concluded through the Government Procurement Service`s tyre framework contract (now part of the Crown Commercial Service), provides that experienced ATS Euromaster technicians will install Michelin tires on the Trust`s vehicles, including more than 280 emergency ambulances, 200 rapid response vehicles and 460 patient transport vehicles. ATS 29 April 2013UK and European transport specialist North West Logistics have entrusted tyre expert ATS Euromaster with the implementation and management of a 100% Michelin policy in its fleet of 60 trucks and 50 trailers. The agreement follows just a few months after Ainsworth-Martin merged with sister company North West Logistics into a single company based in Accrington, Lancashire. Ainsworth-Martin acquired North West Logistics in 2010, but the complementary stores were managed separately until last November. Neither company had a formal tyre policy, but Michelin signed a new tyre delivery contract with one of the world`s leading asset finance, leasing and leasing specialists. The tyre manufacturer`s Services and Solutions division will supply all tyres to BNP Paribas Rental Solutions` UK fleet. It will also fully manage the national critical specialty vehicle fleet. Vehicles have customized policies tailored to the needs of BNP Paribas Rental Solutions customers.

As part of the fleet function in the June issue of Tyres-Accessories, we looked at the different tire requirements of the main police fleets. Among other things, we found that Kent Police is the most tire-hungry and that, although it was awarded to two manufacturers under the Crown Service contract, these fleets are actually surprisingly open to competing tire manufacturers. In this context, and as a continuation of our series, which analyzes the police fleet`s tire preferences, we will take a closer look this month at the demand for tires from the Metropolitan Police fleet.