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Florida General Contractor Agreement

To perform certain tasks and construction work in Florida, a professional license is required. As part of this requirement, licensees must also provide their licence number on promotional material or transportation equipment containing the name of the company or contractor. In addition, for all communications between a contractor and an owner, the licensee`s license number must be visible in the communication. Communications may include estimates, proposals, contracts and invoices used in contract practice. Florida`s statutes play an essential role in the awarding of work. As Florida`s statutes often evolve and new requirements are constantly being added, it is important for those working in the construction industry to keep abreast of the latest construction laws. For these reasons, we recommend that contractors and other construction professionals have their construction contracts and other legal documents regularly checked and reviewed by a qualified and competent lawyer in Clearwater. There are certain provisions that legally require contractors and other construction professionals to include in contracts. B construction, such as the indication of the license number of your professional licensee, the disclosure of construction law and the disclosure of construction recovery funds. The first violation under this law will result in a fine of up to 500 $US. For subsequent offences, a contractor must expect a fine of up to $1,000 per offence. All fines imposed are paid to the fund itself.

To begin establishing a qualification contract, you must indicate the basic terms of the compensation agreement between the company and the qualified and provide the full legal names of the qualified and your company. When developing contracts, the major contractors must communicate the Florida construction as required by fla. This note explains that if you do not pay them, contractors and others who work on your home have the right to deposit a construction pledge fee commonly known as mechanical law. In addition to the disclosure of the Construction Law Act, construction contracts exceeding $2,500 for property improvements are legally required to include disclosure of construction recovery funds. This communication should be essentially in the same format and language, in bulk and in bold, as stipulated in the Florida Statutes 489.1425. Disclosure of the construction recovery fund informs owners of their right to claim the recovery of losses related to illegal activities of state-licensed contractors. While non-disclosure of the right to pledge may affect a subcontractor`s ability to exercise its pawn rights, the law does not provide for recourse in the event of non-inclusion of the warning and non-disclosure does not affect the pledge rights of subcontractors, subcontractors or suppliers of equipment that are not related to the owner. If you work as a principal contractor for residential projects in Florida, the law requires that you include certain clauses and indications. Otherwise, you can null and void your ability to submit a mechanical pledge fee.

In addition, it may open you up to possible fines and other penalties. Let`s take a look at everything you need to include in a Florida construction contract.