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Hertz Car Hire Rental Agreement

Our Global Privacy Statement is available in or you can request a copy at any Hertz rental location. Cross-border rentals are only allowed if they have been previously authorised by our call centre. Our call centre is available at 27219354800. Our vehicles can be equipped with an IVMS DISPOSITIF that tracks and records the location, distance and speed of the vehicle during the duration of the rental. You agree that we may track and record the location and use of the vehicle with the IVMS, including your personal data. See Appendix 5 (Communication on Data Protection and Credit). Please inquire when renting all local traffic restrictions. You can add the following items to your rental for an additional fee: Booking cancellations must be made via with the option “Manage booking” or, alternatively, via our call centre on 0861 600 136. All bookings cancelled at the request of the tenant are responsible for the cancellation fee of ZAR 300.00 1. DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS 1.1. In this lease, unless the context indicates something else: 1.1.1.

“Additional Driver” refers to anyone who has signed the rental form as an additional driver; 1.1.2. “Collision Damage Waiver” means that, if the waiver is acquired prior to the start of the lease, the lessor reduces the tenant`s liability to the amount of liability on the rental form for damage to the vehicle, except in the circumstances mentioned in point 14; 1.1.3. “contract tax,” an administrative fee for the conclusion and retention of the lease in the amount listed on the lease form, which is calculated for each 30 days of lease or part of it; 1.1.4. “CPA,” Consumer Protection Act 68, 2008, including its provisions, as amended or replaced from time to time; 1.1.5. “damage”: any damage, cost or expense incurred by the owner of the vehicle while the vehicle was in the tenant`s possession and includes, if necessary, a total loss. An invoice, employment card, layout or similar document provided by the lessor is considered sufficient proof of damage, costs or expenses; 1.1.6. “day,” a 24-hour period (or part of it) calculated from the date the vehicle is leased by the tenant; 1.1.7. “driver,” a person who must be at least 18 years old on the rental form and who has a valid, unredified and acceptable driver`s licence in an official South African language; 1.1.8. “Drop Fee,” a fee levied when a vehicle is repatriated to a location that is not the place of rent; 1.1.9. “equipment,” equipment such as a navigation device or a child, children`s or children`s seat that can also be booked when booking the vehicle; 1.1.10. “renter,” Hertz and/or Firefly, a division of Unitrans Automotive (Pty) Ltd, which is a Hertz International franchisee; 1.1.11.

“responsibility,” the amount payable by the tenant for damages to the vehicle, which includes, if applicable, the total amount of damages; 1.1.12. “loss/damage management tax,” an administrative tax per incident collected by the lessor for the handling of claims related to damages or losses caused by the theft or theft of the vehicle, as stated in the rental form; 1.1.13. “HERO brochure” refers to the terms and conditions of the HERTZ emergency rescue option (HERO) made available to the tenant upon request by the lessor`s representative and which contain the essential conditions of the personal accident insurance product acquired by the tenant; In the event of a purchase of AER, the ADE for damage to the tires and/or windshield of the rental vehicle is $500.00 including GST Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full-Size) or USD 700.00 including GST (Premium, People Mover). If you rent a vehicle from Hertz, you will be responsible for returning the vehicle to Hertz in the state it was in at the beginning of the rental, with the exception of fair wear.