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Ho Sainteny Agreement

Both Ho and Sainteny understood that this was a compromise. Ho said, “I`m not happy about it, because you won.” Sainteny felt that Ho was sincere, for he could not have it all at once; “That was his plan for 35 years, he knew how to wait a little longer.” Under a military annex, the occupying force under French command would be limited to 15,000 French and 10,000 Vietnamese. [3] This agreement, however, was only The authority of Sainteny and the French government never took into account the provisions that granted the DRV limited autonomy. When the details arrived in Washington, Ho`s communist ties were emphasized. [4] Over time, a certain mutual respect between Ho and Sainteny became evident. In 1946, he was sent to Vietnam by the French government to negotiate with Ho Chi Minh. In March 1946, he reached the Ho Sainteny agreement with Ho by recognizing the Vietnamese government as a “free state” (free state) in the French Union. [1]:33 The agreement became ineffective after the bombing of Haiphong, ordered by High Commissioner Thierry d`Argenlieu, and now played only a minor role in Franco-Vietnamese relations. Injured in an ambush, he returned to Hanoi as a French emissary after the Geneva Accords. Fourth, the French government is committed not to use the Japanese for military purposes.

The Prime Minister`s son-in-law, Albert Sarraut, was an insurance broker. He was responsible for the French resistance under the pseudonym “Dragon” for the French Resistance. He was captured by the Gestapo, but managed to escape and helped organize the Normandy landings by handing over to George Patton the information that allowed the Allies to reach Paris. Ho Chi Minh — /hoh chee min / 1890? 1969, North Vietnamese political leader: President of North Vietnam 1954 69. Nguyen Sinh Cung was born on May 19, 1890, Hoang Tru, Viet. that`s the case. September 2, 1969, Hanoi President (1945-69) of the Democratic Republic… Universalium Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang , Viét Nam Quéc D`n`ng Founded on December 25, 1927 Ideology of Vietnamese nationalism … Wikipedia In May 1945, Sainteny became head of the French intelligence mission M.5 in Kunming, China, where he met with the mission of the United States Office of Strategic Services. [1] Archimedes Patti, head of mission of the OSS, was aware that several French factions were trying to gain supremacy in Chinese theatre. And Sainteny could reset the Gaullist group SFLEO (French Liaison Section in the Far East) to Calcutta, rather Sainteny, a representative of the free French, who crashed in 1945 to Indochina as French commissioner for Tonkin (i.e.

northern Indochina) and replaced a previous mission that had been captured and deployed.