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Local 150 Building Trades Agreement

The 150 locals will continue to seek a fair and equitable agreement that meets the needs of members and allows employers to succeed. The two-year contract provides for an annual increase in the entire package of about 3.5%. Local 150 has reached an agreement with the Northern Indiana Independent Contractors Group, made up of contractors who have expressed disapproval of the hard negotiating tactics of the associations of four and ten counties and hope to avoid the work steps associated with the contract proposals of the two associations. Employers who sign this agreement would not be affected by possible employment measures under the two heavy motorway agreements. Employers who are not behind the negotiating tactics of motorway associations have begun to sign an independent agreement covering health care costs and allowing them to return to work. This morning, Local 150 extended its strike to cover all construction and highway projects implemented under the District 7 construction contract, the Four County Highway Agreement and the Ten County Agreement. This is the case after employers have not submitted new proposals, as the three proposed agreements were rejected by members on 5 June. At that time, there was also no response from the four boroughs or the ten boroughs after the members of Districts 6 and 7 rejected their proposals. Please note this page carefully for updates.

TILE SETTERS AND LOCAL FINISHERS #6 2020 WAGE ALLOCATIONS . Talk to your neighbourhood room or business agent. Look back on this site, as new information will continue to be published when events occur. . Please visit this site often, as updates are published here regularly as the situation evolves. OPERATION PLASTERERS – CEMENT MASONS LOCAL 11, AREA #382 AND #587 2020 WAGE TEN ALLOCATIONS County and Michiana Building Agreement Ratification Meetings: LABORER`S LOCALS #32 and #727 HEAVY/HIGHWAY COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT ING. #150 BUILDING HEAVY/HIGHWAY 2020 WAGE ALLOCATIONS . .

Employment contracts that were not negotiated by the Illinois MCO. This morning, members of the Indiana Northwest Shareholders Association went on strike against several employers working in Lake, Porter, La Porte, Newton, Jasper, Starke and Pulaski County. International Brotherhood of Electricity Workers . Work in the region remained strong throughout the recession relative to neighbouring markets such as northeastern Illinois, and the UNION`s objective of tracking inflationary costs of benefits is therefore by no means inadequate. Over the past two years, Local members have pledged $150 out of their own pockets to stabilize our charitable funds. It is time for employers to share the burden with us. OPERATION PLASTERERS AND CEMENT MASONS INTERNATIONAL, LOCAL #11 AREA #382 CEMENT MASONS COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT – MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT These are the costs.