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Odu Telework Agreement

Employees who use their homes as arrival workers must ensure compliance with the zonar rules of the zones. Our goal is that the revenue losses resulting from the COVID-19 transition will have minimal financial impact on employees. In most cases, exemptions are provided for the authorization of telework for workers who were not previously eligible. B (e.g., non-tax-exempt workers and hourly workers). Staff are allowed to telework with minors at home. We want to be sensitive to the need to balance work and private life in these difficult times. Telework is the best option to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and maintain business continuity. In order to facilitate these special circumstances, the Staff Employment Department will accept a telework agreement that will indicate the staff close to you who will telework for the remainder of the semester. These telework agreements remain subject to the approval of the supervisor and vice-president (or representative). Data protection delegates communicate these expectations and review the Telework Directive before submitting telework documentation. Setting expectations at the beginning of the new labour agreement will facilitate the transition for the supervisor and the employee.

The human resources department, in agreement with the executives, will identify broad categories of positions that are not eligible for telework. The Department of Human Resources will maintain a list of these positions, as well as the reasons why positions are not eligible. For example, direct service and location positions are generally not eligible. When deciding which employees are appointed or admitted to telework, managers, in agreement with the staff department, will check the work qualities of the workers and ensure that their positions are suitable for telework. The manager has the power to authorize, disapprove or revoke telework. In general, successful telework collaborators: Thank you for your continued patience, cooperation and cooperation when responding to the health, wellness and safety needs that result from the COVID 19 pandemic. On reflection, President Broderick announced last night that all courses will be held online and that staff will continue to telework until the remainder of the spring semester. Executives may, in agreement with the human resources department, terminate the telework agreement at its sole discretion and, if possible, inform staff in advance. Failure to comply with guidelines, rules and procedures may lead to the end of the telework contract and/or disciplinary action. The aim of this directive is to define the guidelines of the University of Telework, as requested by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Human Resource Management Policy 1.61, Telework. The directive allows management to appoint staff to alternative workplaces for all or part of their work week, in order to promote the overall efficiency of the work. Telework – An employment contract whereby, in accordance with a pre-approved written agreement, management performs or allows their usual tasks to be performed or permitted by systematically covering or performing their duties from their central workstation.

Telework does not change an employee`s pay and benefits. We recognize that telework can be a challenge for some positions. This is why superiors are encouraged to be discreet and creative in identifying work opportunities (projects, etc.) that can be done remotely. Some examples of specific projects may be audit and development policies/procedures, knowledge recording to assist new employees, electronic data review and adjustment for compliance with record retention standards, verification of previous audit results and recommendations, etc. Employees should maintain their traditional work schedules unless otherwise authorized by their superiors. Alternative work schedules can be a useful way to balance work and living tasks in a telework environment.