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Provisional Agreement Svenska

After the applicant is applied for asylum, a new provisional residence document is issued to the applicant. As soon as this provisional agreement is formally adopted by the Council and the European Parliament, the new provisions will apply three years after the directive officially enters into force. The Commission informs each producer of its provisional calculation for this producer. On 24 January 2019, the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission, which participated in the trilogue negotiations on the Directive on work-life balance, agreed. The Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and the European Commission have reached an interim agreement on the proposals of the EU`s Mobility I package on market access for freight and passenger transport, driving and rest times and rules on secondment of transport workers. The aim of the mobility package is to harmonize the regulation of the transport of goods and commercial travellers in the EU and to improve surveillance conditions. The new rules aim to ensure a balance between improving the working conditions of drivers and the freedom to provide cross-border services to operators, as well as contributing to road safety. In addition, they will provide the sector with much-needed clarity and put an end to the uneven application of these rules between Member States. On 11 December, an interim agreement was reached between the Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament.

The provision of the agreement is therefore the point of arrival of a long journey undertaken by the Holy See and the People`s Republic of China, but it is also and above all the starting point for broader and more far-sighted agreements. The provisional agreement, the text of which was dealt with in a confidential agreement because of its experimental nature, is the result of an open and constructive dialogue. This attitude of dialogue, nourished by respect and friendship, is strongly encouraged and encouraged by the Holy Father. Aware of the wounds suffered by the Church community in the past, Pope Francis restored full communion with the Chinese bishops, ordained without the necessary papal mandate, and authorized the signing of the agreement on the appointment of bishops. , which had already been approved by Pope Benedict XVI in the form of a project. The draft text introduces the following minimum provisions: “The draft text of the new directive on the reconciliation of work and private life is a positive step in the right direction. European workers need more time to care for their children and close relatives. Today, it is not easy to balance work and home, but the way we are able to cope with it can make a major difference to the future of our society.

At the same time, after the unacceptable withdrawal of the Maternity Leave Directive, EFFAT does not consider strengthening the right to maternity leave in this new directive to be a missed opportunity.”