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Sales Agreement Aircraft

The buyer and seller agree that the terms of this contract, including all exhibitions, constitute the entire agreement between the parties. 1.1 (a) Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the seller undertakes to sell and deliver the buyer and the buyer agrees to purchase and take all rights to the seller. The title and interest in and for this specific registration number – and the FAA registration number N__________; with two ___Modellmotoren bearing the manufacturer`s serial numbers – and all equipment, features, accessories, instruments and components as well as any other parts attached to them, all equipment and spare parts in bulk, as well as all aeronautical documents referred to in point 1.1 (b) and as shown in Appendix A (all the above are described above). which are referred to as “airplane”) together. Any sale, use or similar taxation and any interest or penalty on these taxes (unless such interest or penalties are the result of an act or omission by or on behalf of the seller that is not authorized or ordered by other means by the buyer) resulting from the sale of the aircraft to the buyer, excluding income, capital gains or similar taxes that are imposed on the seller , are the buyer`s responsibility. When the seller receives a notification of similar sales, uses or taxes, audits, receivables, receivables or debts at risk, for which the buyer may be held liable in accordance with this section, the seller must immediately inform the buyer of such potential tax debt. The buyer has the right to control, manage or defend audits, claims, claims, proposals of liability or litigation relating to a use of the sale or a similar tax for which the buyer is responsible in accordance with this section. In accordance with this specific contract for the purchase of aircraft (the “agreement”), as of the date – and between _____In reference to the aircraft mentioned above (the “aircraft”), this letter confirms that the buyer has completed his inspection of the aircraft on that date.