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Subscription Agreement Italiano

(iii) Limited offer. You will receive a limited number of online services for a limited period of time free of charge (for example. B as a test subscription or free account) or as part of another Microsoft offer (z.B MSDN). The provisions of this agreement regarding pricing, cancellation fees, payment and data retention may not apply. (i) By accepting or extending a subscription, you accept the details of the offer for that subscription. Unless otherwise stated in the details of the offer, online services are offered on an “available” basis. As part of this agreement, you can place orders for your related companies and give a director`s rights to your related companies to manage the subscription, but Affiliates cannot place orders under this Agreement. You can also transfer section 1.a. right to third parties for use by that third party in your internal business. If you grant rights to affiliates or third parties with respect to the software or your subscription, these affiliates or third parties are bound by this Agreement and you agree to be jointly responsible for the actions of such related companies or third parties in connection with the use of these products. Related services: products, services, functions and functions designed for service-related use, but are not included in the service plan to which you subscribe, including, but not exclusively, the integrations and applications created or developed by Zendesk or its affiliates and made available in the Zendesk marketplace (available on governed by this Contract, unless Zendesk communicates to you another agreement at the time of your availability or access to integration or application. In order to avoid any doubt, none of the services or other products, services, functions or functions expressly regulated by a license, agreement or alternative conditions is considered an associated service.

“user”: anyone authorized to use the software on the basis of a subscription subscribed for the license to use the software. 13.1 Each party assures and guarantees to the other party that (a) this agreement has been duly implemented and fulfilled and constitutes a valid and binding agreement which is applicable against that party in accordance with the conditions set by it; (b) no authorization or authorization by third parties is required for the performance, supply or performance of this contract by third parties; and (c) the performance, supply and execution of the contract are not contrary to the terms of another agreement to which it is a party or to which it is bound by other means. 2.5 Between you and Zendesk, you are responsible for compliance with the provisions of this Agreement by agents and end-users, as well as for all activities that take place on your account. Without limiting the above, you are solely responsible for ensuring that the use of Service Data Storage and Transfer Services complies with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as any privacy policy, agreement or other commitments that you may comply with or make with agents or end-users.