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Wbsedcl Agreement

4.Si the photovoltaic solar panel and its protection system with synchronization system turn out to be in order by the relevant DM/RM representative during the inspection with the test team, the consumer must perform the standard contract with the relevant DM/RM in double copy buffer paper. The application form (procedure A) can only be collected from the competent office of the WBSEDCL @ Rs 5. THE APPLICATION FORM (Procedure A) can be downloaded free of charge from the WBSEDCL website ( 6. Invoicing shall be carried out in accordance with the method specified in the standard agreement for net metering purposes using billing software developed for that purpose. . After depositing the amount of the connection fee to the service and the security deposit, the connection is made as follows: 5. The export-import meter as required will be installed by the relevant DM if the existing meter does not have such a device. . . . If necessary, after the deposit of the Earnest fund offer, the intended large consumer can separately contact the Customer Care Center with the letter of approval of the region concerned / Central Commercial Office for Construction Power, respecting all the necessary formalities that apply to the intended industrial consumer. If the above conditions are met, a connection service offer and a deposit will be issued.

In the event of unavailability of the equipment necessary for such an infrastructure in order to speed up the connection in accordance with the deadlines set by the Regulation, WBSEDCL will submit an offer for the turnkey completion of the infrastructure works by the designer of the complex, in accordance with the conditions set out in that offer. Such an offer from TURNKEY is made at the same time as the offer. In the case of turnkey execution, the delivery and equipment as well as the commissioning of the agency must comply with the WBSEDCL directive. The service connection fee and deposit must be filed with the relevant organization within 90 days of the date of the offer during payment hours. OR The consumer can also deposit these connection fees to the service and deposit online via the WBSEDCL website / mobile application Upon pick-up, said form must be duly completed at least 2 days before the start date of the connection with the documents mentioned in the application form. Upon receipt of the request, an inspection will be carried out by the commercial agent of the central commercial region / department for the technical-commercial feasibility study and also requested: the applicant / user must complete and submit all the details indicated on the application page. The request must be submitted at least 2 days before the start date of the connection. Once the installation/expansion work related to the bulk connection is completed, the completion report will be submitted by the Agency to the Group Department Office, which in turn will be submitted to the Region/Central Trade Office. At the same time, the departmental office will make arrangements to submit to the electrical inspector a proposal for approval against the WBSEDCL part of the facility.

■ The category of eligible consumers must meet the conditions for net measurement in accordance with the Regulation if it is installed on the roof of a photovoltaic solar panel on their premises: the applicant/user must log in to the system with a username and password. Once the connection is successful, the requester can change their password. On the application page, the applicant must select the area/district to which they belong. Once selected, the Service Center list appears, from which the user must select the appropriate customer service center. The user is invited to click on the link provided here as advice. *Relevant Divisional Manager (MD) – Divisional Manager under whose jurisdiction the CCC reports and invoices are sent from this CCC to the consumer. .