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Work Education Placement Agreement Form

If medical treatment is requested by a doctor beyond first aid or if the injury or illness results in a loss of time for the internship, the school principal`s representative must send a report (as shown below). Since accident registration procedures require students` social security numbers, it is recommended that all students participating in vocational training or experiential learning programs in which the student is considered a worker have a social security number. Fill out the following form of the example attached WEA form students are entitled to the loss of services if they suffer an injury or illness during an internship (paid or not) and if this injury or illness leads them to waste time from internships and/or part-time employment unrelated to the placement. WSIB calculates the loss of services as follows: The information below is as accurate as it was at the time of the letter, but we expect this section to be updated by September 2011. Parties must complete and sign a training form before the student begins the job training program to ensure that WSIB coverage is provided by the Ministry of Education. The organization`s insurance coverage for employer responsibility and public liability should be confirmed prior to the start of the work experience with the work experience agreement form. In the event of an injury or illness in the workplace requiring health treatment, the student must complete the WSIB Work Report on Injuries/Illnesses (Form 6). By completing a report on Form 6, the student is entitled to benefits and accepts that his or her physician may provide the placement professional with personal information about the student`s ability to return to work. The student must send a copy of the report to the school principal`s representative, who must send a copy to the ministry. Note that WSIB only delivers benefits for up to two weeks (for example. (B) health care or loss of services) if the student does not submit a report on Form 6.

For more information on the health, safety and well-being of students participating in vocational training or apprenticeship programs, visit school principals, which are available in Classes 11 and 12, 2018, in the Ontario Program, Grades 11 and 12: Cooperative Education, 2018. Vaccination or testing may be required by some employers to enable the student to take vocational training or an experience-learning program. The student and the parent must be informed, if necessary, of the requirements of the employment giver. If so, the student and parent must decide, before the start of the internship, whether they are ready to comply with the requirements set by the co-employer. If the student and parent do not agree, if necessary, to comply with the employer`s requirements, another internship must be agreed for the student. WSIA coverage agreed through the ministry only applies to the times and data listed on the WEA form. In cases where the student and/or employer wishes to change the hours or dates set out in the WEA form, a supplementary note must be added to the form to ensure that the WSIA coverage required for the student is maintained. The mention must be signed by the teacher, the student, the student`s parents (if the student is under 18 years of age) and the placement counsellor.